Feel the burn

After a month of slacking, this first week of August has brought me back to the world of running. I still dislike running in the sun and heat, but I'm making peace with the fact that most runners are slower in the summer. And taking a couple quick walk breaks actually saves me in the long run, as opposed to trying to power through and then crashing. My little calorie counter on spark is set to track for 1000 calories burned a week. When I was training for my 10K in June - I was definitely surpassing that mark. In July - not so much. So - in order to get up and over 1000 this week, I made myself go for a short, brisk run this morning and I feel better for doing so.

Plus, I came to realize that subconsciously I think I was starting to blame my fertility issues on my exercise - knowing full well that I am NOT an endurance athlete, nor have I ever been, and therefore not at risk. But I think that even though I'm very proud of the amount of fat I have burned this year and was happy when discovering I was just under 20% body fat, there was a part of me that started to freak out that I was bordering on underweight. And I suppose I am. I'm still in the healthy, normal zone, but on the very low side. Regardless of the fact that my doctor told me that my exercise is perfectly healthy and that I absolutely need to keep doing it, I think my internal struggle was zapping any motivation I had to run. Since July didn't turn out the way I wanted, I realized that exercise is not affecting my fertility, but LACK of exercise was most definitely affecting my overall well being.


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