26 weeks

Christmas day marked 100 days left until my due date.  Crazy!!!  This week also commemorates my transitioning into the third trimester.  The first trimester just DRAGGED on - there was so much unknown, so much apprehension and so much exhaustion.  In some ways it feels like the second trimester has flown by, but honestly, September feels like ages ago.  The second half of my second trimester has been awesome.  I've had a really great pregnancy so far, but spent a solid 10 weeks just being plain old tuckered out.  But this last month of so has been very special.  I love feeling my son move around.  I love my big belly.   I love how much my husband loves my big belly!  In many ways, I love preparing for his arrival (although some of it is overwhelming - like shopping from strollers and car seats).  I'm nervous as all get out for not only the birth, but what happens after birth (you know, the whole parenting thing).  But I'm excited as well.  Our little guy is blessed with some amazing grandparents, and although neither set lives very close, we know they'll be a big part of his life.  And I'm so fortunate to have a husband who will hands down be an equal partner in this whole parenting adventure!

Here I am at my parents' house at exactly 26 weeks pregnant:


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