How to compliment a pregnant woman

It's simple really.  Three words.  "You look great."  Don't want to be so profuse in your praise because you're really only saying something because you want to be nice?  "You look good."

I know this is weird but it's actually almost NOT a compliment to tell a pregnant woman that she's "so small," or "doesn't look pregnant."  Why?  Because I can guarantee said pregnant woman FEELS huge even if she looks small to the untrained eye.  She feels like she's got a ball made of cement sitting on top of her bladder and stretching her skin to the point that it feels like it might rip.  She also might be significantly larger than she was 7 months ago (she may have gained at least 20 pounds already) and worrying about fitting back into her work clothes after baby arrives.  Conversely, when these compliments come on the heels of her OB telling her that she's measuring small (really???), she will freak out that she's not doing an adequate job caring for her unborn child.

So be generic in your compliments or compliment some other part of her that isn't her expanding abdomen.  "Your arms are so toned; you must do yoga."  Why thank you crazy lady in the bathroom and TSA agent at the airport!  We're a sensitive and hormonal breed, us pregnant women; tread lightly.


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