37 weeks and baby has FLIPPED!

So this past Friday I went in for my version. I remarkably found some semblance of zen that morning despite doing work before heading to the hospital and not eating anything. Jeff met me there and the nurse got me all checked in. Which actually involved getting in a hospital gown in a labor and delivery room, laying on the bed, and getting attached to fetal monitors. The baby was his usual self and very active, which the nurse said was a VERY good sign. Then I had to get an IV catheter stuck in my arm, you know, just in case.

We waited another 20 minutes or so until the doctor, resident, and med student arrived. When the nurse was putting on the fetal monitors, she was having a hard time finding a solid heartbeat up where breech baby's heartbeats are usually found. We thought it was a little curious, but shrugged it off.  We get the speech about the low (but present) risks of a version and then I sign all the consent forms.  So the resident does the ultrasound and seems puzzled. Turns out, baby is HEAD DOWN!!!!

I had an OB appointment that Wednesday with the RN and her student, and baby was still head up. At least that's what we all thought. I will trust that they can tell the difference between a head and a butt. Thursday I started getting shooting pains in my left round ligament and I was feeling like the hard mass near my ribs was different. But I still had a nagging fear that the version wouldn't work and I'd be getting a c-section. Turns out my intuition was right: sometime between Wednesday afternoon and Friday morning, he turned the right way.

We all chuckled, they got me unplugged, said they'd see me in a few weeks, and we went off to work (after I stopped at the bakery for much needed sustenance).

Just when I think Graham is looking more like his dad, I see a picture like this.

37 weeks with Graham

37 weeks!


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