Halloween 2014

Halloween was a week after Emmett was born and for once I was going to be at home to attend a party at Graham's school! I had worked with my mom to make Graham a green dinosaur costume per his request. I don't know what it is, but I've always disliked store bought costumes. I think the fun of Halloween is making something at home. It may not look as polished, but Graham got a lot of comments from the administrators at BCPS (that's where they had their school parade since they share a building) and apparently from all the neighbors when he went out to trick or treat. Marsha and Harold came out to visit with Emmett and Graham, so they were able to stay with Emmett while I buzzed over to Graham's school. That night, in spite of the frigid temperatures and blowing wind, Graham, Harold, and Jeff went trick or treating. He did great! Harold wheeled the wagon in case Graham got tired, but he walked the whole time. When he'd had enough (and his pumpkin was almost full), he had just as much fun handing candy out to other kids through our front window.

Graham got a hold of the camera - the only photo worth saving


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