Vitamin D and endorphins from running is a great combination. I ran the longest/farthest I've ever run today. It was friggin' fantastic. I just kept plodding along. I thought I was going slower than I actually was. I ran for 66 minutes thinking it would be less than 6 miles. But when I mapped it, I discovered it was exactly 6 miles. I'm right on track for my 10K at the end of May.

I just felt so at peace afterwards. I ate a huge sandwich and just sat content in the window at Whole Foods. Sometimes I'm a wreck when I'm by myself. Othertimes, I love it and need it. I miss Jeff (I'm in Evanston right now), but I just felt great being alone.

This afternoon was one of those small victories that I'm really learning to savor.


  1. i love you hill. this post is great and makes me smile. :) -stacy


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