Run a 10K: check!

Ran my 10K this morning and ROCKED IT!!! Last Friday, Jess, and I did a practice run. I had it in my head that I would be very happy with 66 minutes and happy enough with 70 minutes, especially since there is a killer hill in the middle (which we agreed we'd be better off walking). So, on our practice run, we finished in 1:09:57. So, 70 minutes. We felt good and were happy, especially considering it was 5:00 pm, sunny, warm and we had breakfast and lunch in our bellies. We agreed we could probably shave a couple minutes off on race day.

So this morning was mid-60's, humid, overcast, slight breeze. We were only about 15 seconds behind the starting line (and this race uses chips but doesn't do chip time, if that makes any sense, which it doesn't). So, the "official time" is actually 15 seconds longer than our OFFICIAL time. Anyways - we started running and made it to mile 1 in 10 minutes. Sweet! Grabbed some water. Made it to mile 2 in just over 20. Wow - great pace - feeling good! Mile 3 (and there's a little hill right before mile 3 that we had to walk on our practice) - 30:40. Can't believe we're keeping that pace. Grabbed water and ran the tenth or so to the base of the hill. Walked quickly up the hill - 2 runners stopped and walked with us after realizing they weren't running any faster! Got to the top and started running before the plateau. Slowed a tad for this mile until we saw Suz and Ellie cheering for us, and I think it encouraged both of us to pick up the pace. Made it to mile 4 in 41:30. WOW! Even walking the hill. We were pumped. Mile 5 had some rolly hills but nothing major - still made it there in just over 10 minutes. Mile 6 - downhill all the way! Lengthened our strides and crossed the finish line as the clock said 1:03:16 (which was pretty much 1:03 on the dot from our start position). We literally shaved 7 minutes off our practice time and felt GREAT as we crossed the finish line.

I would never have thought that I'd achieve that time - I am SO HAPPY!!! We gave each other big hugs. I'm going to be happy all weekend after achieving - no SURPASSING - my goal. Talk about a runner's high!
Here we are shortly before mile 3.
Look at those strides!
Home stretch - right before the finish line!!
Talk about being in-sync!


  1. I wrote a comment but apparently didn't hit post comment. So, anyway, You both looked great and I love the after race photo of the two of you smiling. I'm really glad that you have such good friends Hillary. I think if I were you my happiness would last more than the weekend.


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