July 4

Jeff, Graham, Cooper and I spent the 4th of July weekend at Marsha and Harold's.  Erin and Dror were in town for the weekend as well.  The timing was pretty good because sadly, Jeff's grandma Stella passed away last Friday.  In lieu of a memorial service, some of the members of the Sroka family came over on Saturday to hang by the pool and share some stories about Stella.  Erin did a great job organizing the event and putting together some really nice words about her grandmother.

Of course Graham was a big hit over the weekend.  Sadly, I neglected to bring the camera battery charger and my battery died.  But I managed to get some pictures.  Marsha took some more, so I'll post them once she sends them my way.

It was HOT on Saturday, so Graham spent a lot of time in the screen porch.  In the last couple of days he's really started lifting his head quite high and moving it around while on tummy time.  I captured a few pictures and a short video (which will be posted on another post) of this cute activity.

Since it was so warm out and the pool was very warm as well, we decided that it would be a great time to introduce Graham to swimming.  He loves the bath, so we figured he'd like the pool as well.  The first time in, he wasn't thrilled.  It was too close to nap time.  The next time around he was much happier - until we put his hat on.  He seemed to like the pool and eventually relaxed so much that he fell asleep!

The heat made Graham a very sleepy boy.  Don't you love his cute little bulldog outfit?

On the 4th, we headed to the Gregory parade; talk about your slice of Americana.  It was small town America at it's finest: tractors, pickup trucks, grilled chicken at the American Legion and a reunion with Jeff and Erin's great friends, the Potts family.  Graham did great at the parade, he was all smiles until he fell asleep.

Graham has also finally found his thumb and has enough arm and hand control to easily get it in his mouth; and it's in his mouth all the time now, especially when he's tired.

Since my vacation days restarted on July 1, Jeff and I both took today off so that we could relax at home.  While the weekend was relaxing in many ways, it was also very hot and none of us slept all that well.  Jeff also loves being at the pool and was the first one in and out of the pool every day we were there.  Needless to say, he's pretty worn out!  So today we're just catching up on laundry, TV shows, groceries, and of course, sleep!


  1. What a handsome little guy! I love the smiling pic on his belly and the one where he's wearing his swim outfit and smiling. :) CUTE!


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