Rock and Roll!!!

Graham really seems to like music.  He's gone from being intrigued by the piano at my parents' house, to downright rocking on it!  He loves it!  He also really likes the drum at their house, and understands how to do some different rhythms and sounds.  My mom can get him dancing, too.  Tonight he made me sing Yankee Doodle about 20 times.  No joke.  It's in a nursery rhyme book, so I was singing it; he kept saying "again" (which he says while signing "more"). Over and over and over. He was studying me so intensely I almost expected him to suddenly burst into perfect song!  I love that he seems to love music.  I will have to ask my mom to break out my old piano books so I can start teaching him to play here in a few years.

Here's a little video of him playing yesterday (and my mom dancing for him in the background):

Here's a belated video of Graham saying his name (which sounds like "ma'am") while eating a muffin.


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