Getting Healthy

Apparently January and February are forever going to be my sick months...I feel like I've had some illness (or 2) pretty much every winter for the last 5 years.  And this winter is no exception.  Two weeks ago on the night of our counselor program, I had completely lost the ability to breath through my nose (nor was I able to taste or smell), a symptom which lasted about 4 days.  And then the drainage began.  So much nose blowing.  I was feeling better, when on Sunday, after a marathon EIGHT interviews with some really cool, interested students, followed by an AWESOME Avett Brothers concert with my mom, my voice decided to go.  On Monday I ran on the treadmill thinking it would be a kinder option to my weakened immune system than running outside.  False.  Halfway through the run my left ear clogged and I got all lopsided and almost fell off the treadmill.  I was frustrated with my start and stop run, and was feeling like I'm just never going to get any better at running.  But I had to remind myself that I was still sick (although when I'm healthy, I still feel upset with myself that I just can't seem to run faster or farther than my 30 minute 3 miles).  I got progressively worse Monday afternoon/evening and my nose once again was stopped up this morning.  I dragged myself to the doctor and now have a Z-pack and Flonase and I'm hoping to recover soon.  I hate being sick.  It's inconvenient.

A side note about sickness: how does one know when ones' baby/toddler is sick?  He can't tell me that his head hurts or that his nose hurts.  Graham has also been quite snotty lately but doesn't seem to be bothered by it.  However, I guess he had a rough day at school today, and bit 2 kids.  He was a super crank tonight and ended up in bed early.  I think his molars are bothering him but I can't get a good look in his mouth and it's hard to feel them without him biting my hand.  I gave him some tylenol which I figure will address mouth pain and cold symptoms, right?


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