Dinners: week of June 16 (and appliance shopping)

Our refrigerator died this week, joy of joys.  We had a $70 repairman come out and tell us that we had a clogged drain (which would explain the leaking that has been occurring for the last 6 weeks or so) and most likely a broken compressor, which would explain the rise in temperature in both the freezer and fridge.  We'd be looking at a minimum of $500 to repair, and his advice was to just replace the thing.  Several hours of research online and trips to 2 big box retailers later and we wound up at Elders Appliance, which is where the repairman told us to go in the first place! It's a Scratch and Dent place, though they also sell new appliances. 

We have had a bottom freezer model for the last 7 years.  I like the easy access to refrigerator items.  I hate the basket storage in the freezer.  Also, Jeff has confessed to always wanting the water/ice on the door.  So we went with a side by side model.  We got a great deal on a large GE model in high gloss black (cheaper than stainless) AND they could deliver the next day (good thing - Graham's soymilk wasn't going to last long in the cooler).  However, upon getting home, we discovered our space was TOO SMALL!!!!

So the next morning (because we of course discovered this AFTER the store was closed), I went back to the store first thing and discovered 3 things: the fridge isn't as big as the provided dimensions, that fridges no longer need airspace at the top (coils are on the bottom), and that many people either raise their shelves or trim the bottom.

The fridge ended up being delivered and was too big by MAYBE a quarter inch.  Jeff took a saw the cupboards (we still need to sand it out because it looks like crap) and we shoved the bohemoth into its spot.  Only to discover that the freezer door won't open the whole way because of the wall (which was a non-issue with our rolling bottom freezer model).  Mother effer!!  At this point Jeff and I decided that nothing would be perfect and we'd just live with a narrow freezer opening.

Out with the old

In with the new

Even up close, you can't actually see the bad trim job

I'm glad we decided not to go back to the store for the smaller side by side (which ironicially was $300 MORE money) or the slightly smaller bottom freezer (which was almost $400 more), because the very next day I get an email from our tenants at the condo that the microwave (which has always had issues) was no longer functioning.  Swell.  Back Jeff went to Elders, who were out of scratch and dent OTR microwaves.  $300 later, our tenants will be getting a new microwave installed on Wednesday morning (we're good landlords).

But you don't really care about our first world appliance problems.  You probably just want to know what to make for dinner this week.
  • Grilled barbecue chicken, roasted potatoes, and salad
  • BBQ chicken sandwiches and green beans
  • Spanish tortilla (with red bell peppers and leftover potatoes)
  • Asian chopped salad (with savoy cabbage, carrots, peanuts, and leftover grilled chicken)
  • Spaghetti
  • Turkey burger and green beans


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