August 2013

I just looked at my last post and it was from July.  It's now September 3.  If you were wondering where I've been, let me just sum up my August.

  • We went to the beach.  Ok - maybe that was July.  But that's really how behind I am.  Graham wasn't thrilled with the water.  But he ultimately had a pretty good time.

  • We ate some ribs and they were delicious.  Ok - I ate beef brisket and pulled pork.  You get the point.  Sadly I have no pictures of us at ribfest, but suffice to say, a good time was had by all (including Graham, who ate food I brought from home). 
  • Graham has become increasingly obsessed with the iPad and iPhones. 

  • And with wearing hats.

  • Graham "let" me give him a haircut.
  • I was in a wedding.  And it was beautiful.  And I took like zero pictures.  Can't wait for the ones from the photographers.
False Eyelashes

Drinking at the Capitol

Long awaited post-wedding breakfast at Golden Harvest
  • Where I flew Southwest Airlines for the first time in probably 15 years.  Did you know you get to choose your own seat based on order that you check in?  Brilliant!
  • Also - I got really into taking pictures of Buzz for our twitter feed.  #travelbuzz

  • And then I left again for another multi-city college fair tour. 
  • When I got home, I met Graham and his friends on their field trip to Houseman's Ice Cream.  He was more excited about the ice cream. 

  • My handsome husband was best man in his friend's wedding. This time I took photos, because, well, I wasn't in the wedding. And it was a less formal affair than the wedding I was in.

  • I cooked some, since I just keep getting more veggies from the farm share.
  • I baked some, since I always want the boys to have plenty to eat while I'm gone.
  • I started reading again, but left my book at home on my second trip away from home.
  • I took 2 yoga classes while on the road (one in MO and one in MN) and they were great.
  • Oh yeah - I refinished a dresser and turned it into a TV stand.  
I feel like there was more - and there are certainly more videos I could post, but Blogger keeps freezing on me, so I'm going to cut my losses and leave it at this.  


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