Something positive

Just to prove I'm not a total Debbie Downer, I thought I'd share a few funny Graham stories.
  • He's staying in bed!  After 6 weeks of moving him into a big boy bed, in the last week he has finally decided to stay put.  We may have bribed him with stickers, but I still consider it a win!  Although tonight he told me he didn't want his covers on because "me getting up soon." Ha!
  • Today he sat and watched the iPad while I did yoga. He made it almost 40 minutes before getting antsy! When I was wrapping up, he asked, "You all done with your yoga, mama?" I said, "Yes."  To which he replied, "You're so awesome!" I seriously got choked up.  My son told me I was awesome.  Totally made my day.  My week, actually.
Last, I will leave you all with this video. This is his new stall tactic, and it totally works because I laugh every time.


  1. Can't get enough of Graham the Silly Dancer!


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