Half way there

Today marks 20 weeks, if we're going by the October 21 due date.  Even going by October 25, this week still marks the halfway point in this pregnancy. I've finally stopped feeling bigger/worse than my first pregnancy. I've gotten up a few mornings recently before work and very briskly walked/slow jogged and it's actually felt good!  The baby seems to be sitting lower than my first pregnancy.  I feel movements in spurts - some days (like yesterday), it's very active.  I think those are the days that I'm less than active.  Other days the movements are more infrequent.  Graham has started telling teachers at school about the baby.  Apparently today he told one of the teachers that there is a baby in mama's belly and it's a girl (a word which he pronounces kind of like "duel").  Too funny.  He likes to say to me, "Hey mama, where's the baby?"  I'll ask, "Where do you think it is?" He responds, "In your tummy." Then he says, "Let's look," lifts up my shirt, and exclaims, "Nope, not there yet!" The first conversation we had about a baby who was going to live with us went like this:
G: "Well where is the baby now?"
Me: "It's in my tummy."
G: "No it's not. It's at it's house."
If only it were that easy!

This morning I snapped a few belly photos and Graham was very excited to participate.

These pants have a ridiculous amount of gather around the butt which is NOT flattering. I get that women expand all over during pregnancy, but this seems like overkill.

And as a reminder, here is 20 weeks pregnant with Graham.  All in all, not very different. But as the day wears on with pregnancy 2, I find my belly getting lower and bigger, which I don't remember happening with pregnancy 1.


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