It's a(nother) BOY!

Just realized that although I shared the news with the Facebook, I have yet to post about it on the blogosphere.  Last Wednesday we went in at 21+ weeks for our anatomy scan and learned that we're having another boy!  I was very surprised because I was just convinced it was a girl.  I just laughed when the tech told us it was a boy.  I'm not at all disappointed because she also told us that all indications are he's a healthy little boy.  He had all his parts and was moving around on the screen.  The only down side: we have NO IDEA what to name him!!!

We've been talking about Graham being a big brother and that he'll have a little brother.  He still doesn't quite get it, but he will soon enough!

Here I am today at about 22.5 weeks.  I've been doing yoga and walking/jogging.  Both of which feel great at the time, but leave me with some hip/glute/IT band pain (even the yoga does that, but especially the walking/jogging).  And they both leave me totally exhausted by mid-afternoon.  And yet I continue knowing it's ultimately really good for me to stay active.  I've gained about 11 lbs, which is totally in the normal range.

And here I am with Graham at about the same point in my pregnancy.  I still think I'm carrying this baby a little lower.


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