Belly Pics of Baby 2

I have not been a good blogger.  I blame a slow computer and a busy schedule.  I'm currently 36.5 weeks pregnant and haven't posted a photo since 20 weeks.  Here are a few updates (and comparisons).  One thing that has been interested about the development of this pregnancy is that the growth seems to go more in spurts.  I go 1.5-2 weeks with no weight gain and then BAM! 3 lbs in 2 days.  That seems to coincide with my doctor's appointments.  One appointment I will measure small (which has meant numerous ultrasounds) and the next I'm fine.  But when you look at these photos, I'm not smaller than I was with Graham (I measured spot on with every appointment), and in some instances I look bigger.  I FEEL bigger because I feel much more pressure on my sacrum than I did with Graham.

22 weeks with baby 2
22 weeks with Graham

26 weeks with Graham

25 weeks with baby 2

25 weeks with baby 2
30 weeks with baby 2
30 weeks with Graham

34 weeks with baby 2 (and one of my favorite pics so far)
33 weeks with Graham

34 weeks with baby 2


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