My happiness project

As I mentioned in a previous post - SO much has changed in the last 6 months. I find myself in 2017 with an opportunity to really do some soul searching and figure out what is important in my life.

Enter: My Happiness Project. Each month I'm focusing on a different theme (incorporating things learned from previous months) that will help make my life happier. I'm using my bullet journal as a way to track and monitor my progress.

 This month I'm starting with goal setting. I still have more goals to fill in, but I'm starting to notice that if I want to achieve these goals this year, something has to change. And I'm noticing that so many of my goals boil down to one theme: wellness.

I've also really enjoyed being at home this last month. Don't get me wrong - I do NOT want to stay home all day with my boys. I love them, but they drive me totally crazy. I definitely want more time with them than I've had in the 5.5 years leading up to this month.

So I'm getting more serious about the Beachbody business because you know what? We all have wellness goals - physical, mental, financial - and working together we can achieve them. 


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