Independence Day 2009

This has been a weird summer. We've really only had 1 week of summer weather. Which, granted, I don't really like summer weather, so I haven't been complaining. But the 1 day where hot would have been preferable (because I wanted to be in the pool all day), it was cloudy and just warm. Sigh. Jeff didn't seem to mind. He spend 3 hours Friday and 3 hours Saturday in the pool at his parents' house. I ventured in for maybe 40 minutes or so on Saturday. Apart from the lack of sun (and I would like to point out that now that we are home, it is hot and sunny), it was a lovely weekend. Had some good food, good beer, and pretty sweet private fireworks showing, and no sunburn.
Jeff and Harold showing their pool hand stand skills

Me being less than thrilled at the cold water
Jeff and Harold about to do their thing where they try to shoot themselves high out of the water

Jeff makes silly faces while doing this water aerobic activity

Getting ready to start the show!


  1. I love Jeff and Harold's synchronized swim routine!! Hilarious! :)


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