Vacation Day

This whole only one vacation day in July thing sucks. Like sucks sucks. It might be the suckiest suck that ever sucked. The thing is - I don't feel particularly taxed at work (though I am busy). And we've had relaxing weekends. And I did have a few days off in June. But it is so rare that I take more than 2 vacation days in a row, even when I'm not saving my days. And while sometimes I enjoy sitting on the couch, it seems like so often that is what we do on our vacation days and I really don't always want to do that. I sleep like crap on the days that I just sit on the couch. Plus, it's hard to watch everyone else in the office take weeks off. Literally - every other person in the office is taking week(s) at a time off this summer, but I still keep coming in. If that wasn't bad enough, I'm holding my time for something that might not even happen and it is making me REALLY cranky. If things don't happen by next month, I think I might have to take time in August. I don't know what I'll do because Jeff has already scheduled his time in August, and even if it worked out for me to take time in August, I can't take the same time as him. So frustrating!!!


  1. i <3 you! i mean i knew that before, but then i read the first three sentences of your post and i knew it was true!
    also, holla at your girl (that would be me) if august rolls around and you are going crazy. perhaps we could work something out vacation wise.


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