Travel Season Week 2

These last few days had me in IL. I drove out Sunday - got stuck in some traffic - and made it JUST in time to have a couple interviews with some cool kids. I got up Monday, ran on the treadmill, and headed to the city for some visits. I didn't meet with many kids, but I had some good chats with a couple counselors, which sometimes is a better use of my time. Had kind of a crappy college fair on Monday night, and it took me FOREVER to get back to the hotel since it was way on the other side of town. Luckily my visits on Tuesday and Wednesday were at schools that I'm super familiar with. I talked to some cool kids, met a few new counselors and got to see one of my favorite counselors. I went for a long walk around by the lake in Evanston on Tuesday. I love staying here for that reason. It was really gray, overcast, windy and cool, but for some reason it just felt perfect to me. I had to buy a fleece because it was so cool, but I needed a new fleece anyways... Tuesday I went to dinner in Evanston with an admission friend. It was really fun, but I woke up feeling pretty crappy in the middle of the night. Too rich! But I had this delightful pumpkin ale from a local brewery. Today was another great day of travel. I had 4 good high school visits. I had a great breakfast. I went for a run by the lake. I had a lovely dinner. I did some reading. I went to a so-so college fair. I ate a cookie. Tomorrow I have 3 high school visits - at a couple of my favorite schools. And then I head home!!

I don't know. I'm just feeling pretty cool with life now. I'm working on just letting things happen how they're going to happen and not stressing out about it. Plus, things on the job front are going well, and I'm keeping myself pretty distracted.


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