Week 1: UM v. WMU

Football season has officially kicked off. It's always something that stresses me out when I think about it, but that I enjoy (for the most part) once it starts. I'm glad we spent the night at Marsha and Harold's on Friday night, though neither Jeff or I slept well at all. We were at our tailgate site at 7:30, a little earlier than usual. I think I've convinced Jeff that it's just not necessary to be there that early. Yes, there were other people there. But Jeremy and Kristy got there an hour after us and still parked right by us. Anyways - we had good food, lots of people, numerous tailgate activities (Jeff and I won 3 games of corn hole, a feat that had never been accomplished in 5 years of tailgate gaming), and of course a victorious game. We got new seats this year - 12 rows higher but basically the exact same seats in the same section. It is a much better view and the people around us seem pretty cool. Jeff made friends with the kid behind us who I think is just like Jeff, only 10 years younger. It was pretty funny. We hung out for 30 minutes or so after the game at the car and then headed home. We stopped at Dark Horse Brewing in Marshall for dinner on the way home. What a cool little place! The beer and food were good and we will definitely go back. Got home a little after 11, and were in bed by 12. Despite a good night's sleep, I was exhausted today and napped for an hour and a half this afternoon. I'm glad we have off tomorrow as I have done little of note today.


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