Travel Season

I've been a bit absent the last few weeks and here's why: it's travel season!! Let me recap my craziness:

September 10: my first Camp College committee meeting in Lansing as the lone committee chair (my co-chair is leaving the world of admissions). I am confident in my ability as chair, but feeling a smidge overwhelmed. At least I have sole control, mwahahaha...
September 11: fly to Minneapolis. I had the whole afternoon to myself to explore. Drove around the campus, which I liked. Ate lunch at a lovely wine bar. But I've decided I don't really care for downtown Minneapolis (too commercial) and am kicking myself for not doing research prior to my trip and discovering that in fact the place to go is actually Uptown. Went to dinner with a group of CTCL counselors that night, which was delightful.
September 12: Got up early and ran 3 miles on the treadmill. Go me! Then did the first CTCL fair in Minneapolis. Too bad Obama decided that he needed to come to Minneapolis on this very day, thereby drastically reducing fair attendance. Drove to St. Paul. Ate a quick lunch. Did second CTCL fair. Walked to dinner with some counselors. Drove to the airport. Got on my 10:30 pm flight - yawn! Arrived in Chicago at 11:30. Got to hotel in Naperville at 12:30. Had a glass of wine with some counselors to wind down after all the traveling. Bed at 1:30 am. Ugh.
September 13: Had every good intention to work out and the realized I was crazy tired and needed food. Did CTCL fair in Naperville. Quick lunch, drive to Northbrook, CTCL fair in Northbrook. Then dinner with some counselor friends.
September 14: Got up and ran 4 miles on the treadmill - woohoo! Drove to airport and flew to St. Louis. Took some counselors on a driving tour of St. Louis (with a view of the arch from the car). Had a very late lunch. Did yet ANOTHER CTCL fair. Then a way too late, but very fun, dinner with more counselor friends.
September 15: Get up early, say goodbye to my friends from the tour and head off to do HS visits. After a full morning of HS visits, I decide I need a mani/pedi! Then back to the hotel to do some work on the computer. 45 minutes of yoga, quick shower, then off to grab a quick bite on my way to another college fair.
September 16: The dinners out and the whirlwind schedule hits me - I feel like crap. Another full morning of HS visits. Then an afternoon of working on topics for a video/email marketing campaign for work. Then I force myself to the gym. The endorphins wind up making me feel much better and I actually run 4.5 miles!! I get back to my room and totally crash. I have to force myself into the shower and then force myself out of the hotel to get food. Thankfully, NO COLLEGE FAIR! I have the evening to watch TV :)
September 17: A few HS visits then off to the airport to come home! Yay! After a layover in Detroit, I make it home by 7 pm for dinner with Jeff and a night in my own bed.
September 18: A painfully long MACAC e-board meeting all morning Lansing. I'm glad I previously made the decision NOT to go into work afterwards. I wouldn't have gotten to Kalamazoo until 2pm - and would have lacked any ability to concentrate on work. Instead, I bought fabric for my Inside Out project!
September 19: I'm a little bummed to be missing the game since it's such a lovely day, but very happy to have the house to myself and a day free to work on my Inside Out project! Stay tuned for pictures. I felt very contradictory as I was simultaneously sewing and watching football. But hey, that's who I am! I attempted a run in the morning, but it wasn't happening. I made it 1.5 miles and decided I was just going to walk the other 1.5 miles. I was glad Jeff got home at a decent time and we were actually able to eat together.
September 20: We cleaned our house! Then we went to Jeff's friend's house to partake in the keg of Two Hearted which is beautifully contained in his giant kegerator and custom made bar. Football is watched, beer is drunk, and a good time is had by all. And I was the only woman in attendance. Probably because I'm a really cool wife :)
September 21 - 25: Getting caught up on all my paperwork and projects. Finally feeling less overwhelmed as I'm checking things off my to-do list.

It's crazy how quickly I go from non-social and kinda busy, to totally chaotic both personally and professionally! This weekend brings an Ani DiFranco concert, football game, wedding reception, and going to IL for my next work trip. And MAYBE squeezing in a little more work on my Inside Out project.


  1. It is exhausting to see travel season typed out like this!! :)

  2. I know, right?! This week is MUCH less hectic. Life is always crazier when CTCL is involved :) And I got a ton done in the office that needed to get done, so I really don't have any projects that I need to work on this week from the road. I guess I'll just have to head to the lake for a walk...with a quick stop at Marshall's for a fleece since it's COLD here and I didn't pack a jacket.

  3. i love your timeline. also, i need more hillary time. we need to make a kalamazoo reunion with you me and ken a reality.


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