Catching Up

In general this was a good weekend. I was at home all week, which is always good. I'm surprisingly NOT busy at work right now. I'm not complaining. Really I'm not. But sitting in the office staring at the computer for 5 straight days got to be a bit much. Especially since in the last year (and really in the last 6 months), my eyes have felt really strained and I've been getting bad headaches - I had an awful, raging headache all week. So I FINALLY made an eye appointment which I went to today (I honestly can say I may have never had my eyes checked in my adult life). I'm far sighted, but still have good enough vision. However, I have astigmatism, which means my eyes are football shaped, so when images are sent to the back of my eye, it bounces off the eye walls and creates 2 images. Your brain and eyes have to then figure out which image to choose. So, your eyes become strained and you get headaches. I'm getting glasses to wear when on the computer and when driving at night.

So anyways, this weekend brought good times with good people. Friday, our friend, Eric - fondly known as EZG - met us at Founders. We had some great beers and yummy sandwiches. We came home, had some more beer and talked about all kinds of stuff - politics, TV, babies...Eric has a 3 year old who is the light of his life. It was so awesome listening to him talk about the love he has for Cameron. Eric has his share of parenting challenges, but he said that none of them matter because he's got this little baby. I was just so happy for him, and it definitely made me want a baby even more.

Saturday morning I woke up feeling a tad hungover. While we didn't drink a ton at all, I'm not used to drinking more than 2 or 3 strong beers at a time. Anyways, we got up early, Jeff and Eric took off for Iowa for the UM v. Iowa football game and I headed to work for Saturday interviews. Stacy met me in Kalamazoo after my interviews and we hung out for a few hours before meeting up with our friend, Ken.

Ken, Stacy and I have had some good, crazy, silly, crazy times together. When we were in college, on beautiful fall days we would sit for hours at Espresso Royale and just talk and people watch. We dubbed these days, "coffee days." As I was waiting for Stacy to pick me up, I was sitting in the sun on campus and thinking to myself, what a great coffee day! Then I realized, hey, I'm hanging with Stacy and Ken today and it's a great coffee day - the thought of being with 2 awesome people just made me really happy. Especially since I haven't seen Ken in 6 years!!

It doesn't matter that so much time has passed - Ken has always been my friend. It was like we were all 18 again and best buddies. Except, you know, we're not 18 and we lead some pretty grown up lives. But still - we're still pretty similar people, and the connection between us was still strong. We hung out until midnight when we reluctantly parted ways because we all had long drives home (an unfortunate by-product of our grown up lives). We all promised that we would not wait another 6 years before hanging out and will make concerted effort to host each other at our respective homes in the future.

Now - the downside of the weekend. At 8:00 this morning, Jeff walks in the bedroom. I wasn't expecting him til around 2 or so as he was in Iowa Saturday and was spending the night. Our car decided on some other plans. Something went awry with our vehicle on the way from the football game to the hotel - Jeff (Eric, Marsha and Harold) were pretty concerned that if they shut off the car, they wouldn't be able to start it again and would be stranded in Iowa. They made the executive decision to drive home through the night without stopping the car. Hence arriving at the house at 8:00 am. I followed him to our mechanic and left the car there. We're REALLY hoping it's not something major like the transmission, but who knows. I unfortunately just dropped a chunk of change on glasses (why do they cost so much even with insurance?), so I hope this wono't be too expensive. Another crappy thing: Jeff was already getting signs of a cold, and the night spent outdoors in the cold at a football game and driving all night and only sleeping on and off for 2 hours this morning have left him feeling pretty under the weather.


  1. so much fun hanging out! hope the car stuff goes well...


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