I'm ready to be home. I've been in Michigan, Chicago, Kansas City and St. Louis - and now back to Chicago. Within a week. And I've had a cold. I'm having one of those trips that I'm happy one day, annoyed the next. Like Saturday I had an amazing day. Today - not so much. Part of what made me sad today was yet another realization of the things I haven't accomplished - namely - running a longer race and conceiving. I have really struggled overcoming my mental obstacles when it comes to running, and when I was finally getting over those hurdles - I decided to cut back on the running just in case it was affecting my ability to conceive. And now I'm left with 2 big fat failures. And I'm stuck in frigging Oakbrook and have 4 more days away from home. I'm pissed that I'm having a cranky day when I had such a good day on Saturday. Oh well.


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