Inside Out

I've finally finished my project for the Inside Out juried show at the Textile Center in Minneapolis. This is what I was supposed to do: "The artwork for this exhibit will be an outward visual of the artist's inner voice. A portrait of the artist's soul. Figuratively, the artist turned inside out."

So - this is what I've created. I'm nervous that it's not good enough. And I need to just get over that and be ok with it not being accepted. As my mom says, I need to just enjoy the process. Jess took the photos for me with Suzanne's nice camera. I HOPE the shots are "high quality" enough. Because this is all I've got. I need choose 1 detail, 1 back and 1 front. Which ones do you like?

Also, I have to submit an artist's statement related to the work in 50 words or fewer. Here's what I have written:
"I like order and structure, clean lines and modern classics, dark neutrals and tailored construction. I'm logical, determined, cool and confident. But sometimes I crave bright colors and asymmetry, because I'm not dominated by my left-brain. Sometimes I'm quirky, restless and loud."


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