I'm tired

I think this blog has become more of a diary for myself, and less of something interesting to read for others. I'm ok with that. I like the blogs that have lots of pictures, but I have nothing interesting in my life right now that is picture worthy. So, you get words instead...lots of words.

Work is crazy (there's a shocker) and I'm still traveling. I'm trying to be really positive in spite of being tired and stressed, but it's getting hard when all of my coworkers are also stressed and some of them do nothing but complain about it. Which gets me complaining. Which I'm trying REALLY hard not to do. Maybe I need to put a sign on my door that says, No Complain Zone. And then everyone will just leave me alone!

I'm ready to be done traveling. And I'm ready for all my programs that I'm planning to be done. I'm starting to panic a bit about one program in particular, but I know what I really need is a day in the office devoted to JUST that program and then I'll feel better. I'm also nervous but excited about a presentation I'm giving at our regional professional conference. If all goes well, I'm contemplating trying to present it at a larger conference. We'll see.

I also miss my husband. Last night we went to dinner and then went and saw Jim Gaffigan. It was a fun night and Jim Gaffigan is SOOOO funny. But it was in kalamazoo, and we had to drive seperately home, which was rough. We were both so exhausted. Needless to say, we went straight to bed upon getting home and I slept in today, which was delightful. Jeff is in AA for the Michigan Spring game. I'd love to spend time with him and see the rest of the gang, but I couldn't handle not being at home when I actually have a day that I could be at home. So, at least today I can clean, get groceries, do some crafting and then tomorrow have ALL day with Jeff.


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