A quick recap

I won't bore people with the details, but these past few weeks have been crazy, busy, fun, exhausting, and a bunch of other adjectives. A few highlights:
-trip to Chicago for 8 days
-dinner with some cool alums
-dinner with some cool kids
-awesome yoga class
-access to the stationary bike

Some lowlights:
-trip to Chicago for 8 days
-TOO much dinner followed by a terribly sick evening
-lots of work, and lots more to come
-missing Jeff
-being forced to use the stationary bike instead of running along the lake

So what's next for the spring? Pretty much the same as above. I don't often (rarely ever) complain about being busier than my coworkers. And I'm certainly not going to say I'm busier than them now. BUT - I think it might be safe to say that I'm traveling more than anyone this spring. I've figured out that between March 24 and May 22, I will be traveling all but 1 week. What the hell was I thinking? Luckily the long trip is over, so these next ones should be a breeze.

In other news, Jeff and I have spotted a new dog on the Michigan Basset Rescue place. Jeff is convince that this is the one. We called on Saturday and they seem to think our application went missing because they never responded. So, we've reapplied and requested consideration for this sweet dog: http://www.michiganbassetrescue.org/AdoptionCenter/mbr_flash.html. I'm going to call tomorrow and hope they got our application and that they'll recognize that Jeff and I are good people, fit to be dog owners.


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