Meet Cooper

This is Cooper!!! He's our new dog. We've been talking about a dog for quite some time. It seemed to take quite a while to get response from the basset rescue places (though we did get some immediate no's because we were too far away or because of our lack of fence). But then it was like it happened so fast!!! We had a home visit on Monday. Then got officially approved on Wednesday. Cooper was posted as available on Thursday. We called his foster mom on Friday. Then we drove to Bay City, met Cooper and knew right away he'd be coming home with us!!!

He's a SWEET boy. Very friendly, but not overly friendly. He doesn't jump. He hasn't barked once since he's been with us. He's a tad clingy - wants to follow us everywhere. He's good in the car - once he realized that no, in fact, in wasn't getting in the driver's seat with Jeff, he settled down and took a nap. He's housebroken (though we're a little nervous about leaving him all day - his foster mom had teens who took him out after school), just recently neutered and has no health problems. He LOVES walks - he's very strong and pulls in every which way because there are just so many things to smell! He groans when he lays down or changes position - it's very cute. And he's a bed hog. That will have to change...and soon. Last night may have been comfortable for him, but it wasn't for Jeff and I.

Anyways - we're pretty psyched. He seems like the perfect dog for us.


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