It's been one week since you looked at me

Cooper has been a part of our household for one week. He's a very sweet, very good boy. We had a bit of a rough couple walks after I started to try the Cesar Millan techniques. He was pulling so hard my hand and arm were hurting big time. But Jeff lovingly reminded me that we JUST got him and all things take some time. That helped me relax, which is crucial in being like Cesar. Calm-assertive. That's what he calls it. We also decided we needed a better collar or something, because he was pulling so hard he was choking. So, we took him to Pet Smart and the guy there told us to get him this gentle leader harness thing. Not the one that goes on his mouth, the one that goes under his legs. It works!! He still pulls when he sees another dog, but other than that, he does great on the walk.

On Friday, we decided we'd record a day of Cooper alone on the computer. We were worried that he was crying/barking/howling all day that we were gone. But he didn't!! I think that the techniques that we're employing of being calm-assertive, of ignoring him when he gets wound up, rewarding him when he's calm, and not making a big deal of coming and going, is really working!

Cooper LOVES people. He's a little snuggler, and wants to be right by us (or up on us) most of the time. It's very sweet, but he's a big boy!! He's very good around kids (we saw several at PetSmart and he was great). And he's housebroken!

We're very lucky to have gotten such a good dog. I also would really recommend the Cesar Millan books to anyone with a dog. Yes, there is some energy required. His cure-all, if you will, is EXERCISE! Walks, that is. Not just letting the dog in the yard. But actually walks. So, we're all getting our exercise, which is a good thing. It also involves consistency and routine (good thing Jeff and I are all about the routine). But other than that, it's a pretty easy technique. Just stay cool!


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