Road Trippin'

This week we took Cooper on his first official Teague road trip.  When we picked him up from Bay City, obviously we spent some time in the car.  But this was a LOT of time in the car.  He was a little anxious for the first hour or so....he whimpered and cried and kept trying to get in the front seat with us.  Then finally he laid down and after that it was smooth sailing.  Now he hops up in the car and lays right down.

I had to do a program at Northern Michigan University in Marquette and since Jeff loves the UP (or as our friend calls it, Canada South), he took a couple vacation days to go with me.  There was much time spent in the car, hence all the car photos.  But I also conducted a very successful Camp College, Jeff took Cooper on some very long walks, we crossed a few more breweries off our list (and were very pleasantly surprised by the quality of the beer) and visited some of the oldest towns in Michigan (did you know that Calumet only narrowly lost to Lansing in the vote for state capital?).

The highlight of the trip, however, was spending time with my husband (and my sweet little dog).

HA!!!  Caught him as he was licking his lips!

This may be a Christmas card.

They look so focused.

He's a handsome dog.

Just chillin' in the sunny spot!

He's a walkin' dog!

This is after he realized he could lay with his butt on the seat, front legs dangling and head on the armrest.


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