At least I look good

I went to a friend's birthday party last night.  And it was great - it really was.  I wasn't expecting to stay long, but I brought Cooper with me, and everyone loved him.  And her friends who aren't always the most welcoming were very nice.

But I was LITERALLY the only woman there who didn't have a baby/toddler with me or who wasn't pregnant.  Ok - not literally.  There were some grandparents...but to be a grandparent you must have had a child.  So, yep - literally every woman there was a mom or mom-to-be.  It was a little rough, especially when my friend's father in law asked me when I was going to have kids (luckily, I know that this man lacks a certain amount of tact, so I didn't take it that poorly).  My response, "I'm leaving that up to the fates, and they've decided I'm not meant to be a mom now."  I don't think he understood...but I think a few others who heard me got it. 

But I handled it all well - I was very proud of myself.  I think I've gotten used to the prolific baby making going on these days.  I mean, I'm 30 years old - OF COURSE every person I know give or take 5 years of age are having babies.  It's inevitable...and totally unavoidable.  I mean, there are babies and women having babies EVERYWHERE, why shouldn't there be at a party as well?

But, I was by far the smallest woman there.  Of course, I was smaller than everyone BEFORE they had babies too.  But I have to find something, right?  Especially since I've put on a couple pounds this month and have been feeling a little out of control with my eating...and drinking...which has been making me a little frustrated.  I know it's so superficial and snotty, but I don't care.


  1. You're a total hottie, my friend! I'm glad you went to the party. and I'm glad you took Cooper. And I'm sorry about the proliferation of preggos out there, that is really hard, especially when you're not expecting it.


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