Happy happy oh my friend

Happy fifth anniversary to you, my husband, my love.  I count myself lucky everyday that I married a man who loves me no matter what.  You love me when I'm up on my soapbox about this, that or the other thing.  You love me when I'm obsessively trying to follow some set of rules even though they're making me crazy (example one million and one: trying to follow Cesar's dog rules to the tee).  You love me when I'm gone for weeks for my job.  You love me when I'm here but downstairs all day and not sitting with you (even if you may want me to be with you).  You love me even though sometimes I could give a rip about sports.  You love me when I break down because my plans have been foiled.  Oh yeah, and you love me for my good qualities, too.  Cooking I guess is one of them.

And I love you because of your rabid, passionate loyalty to the things you love.  And the people you love.  I love you because you invite me to hang out with the guys (I don't even have to ask).  I love you because you're just so damn good looking. :)  And you're neat.  And you do the dishes.  And you don't mind vacuuming.  I love you because you say things sometimes that are so ridiculous but so true and they make me laugh.  I love you because you're real, and true.

So here's to five more years.  And five more after that.  And five more after that...and....and....and...and...and...

I love you always.


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