Almost half way

I just can't believe that I'm almost half way to having a baby.  It's weird because even though I've known so many people who have had babies lately, and I've seen them gradually get bigger and more pregnant, I can't help but be surprised that I'm almost 20 weeks, and only just now kind of look pregnant.  That's a good thing, really it is, it's just not what I expected.

I'm definitely FEELING bigger.  The added weight of my uterus is now starting to press on my bladder and I'm almost to the point where I can't lay on my stomach (only a problem because Jeff is so willing to rub my back and boy is my back aching).  I really can't get into my pants anymore and will soon be too round for most of my shirts (even the stretchy ones), which now I can still fit into but they're gradually getting shorter.

I've also been feeling the baby move.  One of the books said most women can't wait to feel regular movement, but nearing the end of the pregnancy, that's what drives them the most crazy.  I'm sure that will be the case with me, too, but really, I can't wait to feel more regular movements.  I can pretty much identify baby movement from other internal rumblings, but it's still pretty sporadic.  Which is also odd to me.  I mean, the baby is like 6 inches long - it's the size of a tomato!  I'm a thin person, so surely I could feel a whole tomato rolling around in there, right? 

A week and a half and hopefully we'll know what we're having!

Here I am at 19 weeks and 2 days:


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