It's a boy!

Today Jeff and I found out that we're having a boy.  Or as I like to call him now, my little dude.  I have all my other dudes, might as well have a little one, too!  We're VERY excited, mostly because he seems very healthy.  Everything measured as it should be (and for those of you who haven't been through this experience, they measure all sorts of things, like bone length, head size, heart function, kidney size and various other checks).  It was all normal and as it should be.  He was even moving around and kept bringing his hand to his face (the prediction is that he will be a thumb-sucker).  It was AWESOME!!!  We actually have a boy's name that we both really like, but you will all have to wait on that one. 

If I could figure out how to post PDF documents here, I'd post some pictures.


  1. Awww, I'm so excited for you and the little Mr.!! So glad that everything is measuring great and you are both happy and healthy. How's Cooper doing?
    And on other news, have you heard from KatieWhompus? There is a woman by that username on The Bump, who is due in July!! I wonder if it's the same??


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