Turkey Day

Jeff and I have decided that Thanksgiving will be our holiday (even if sometimes that means it's just us).  The fall is just SO busy with work and travel and football.  We're usually pretty fried by Thanksgiving....and who knows how we'll feel next year when we add parenting to the mix. 

This year Marsha and Harold came over, as did my friends, Kate and Paul.  All in all, it was very low key.  I would have liked some more group activity (like game playing), but apparently this is just the wrong crowd...Harold is pretty anti-game and Jeff clearly wasn't interested.  Hard to compete with watching a really bad football team lose (again).  Sigh - to each their own.  Although, I did finally convince Kate, Paul and Marsha to play a couple rounds of Scattergories with me after dinner.  Truthfully, it was more to keep me awake than anything else. 

But that aside, I made a pretty fantastic dinner (with a solid contribution of delicious homemade cornbread stuffing, courtesy of Paul).  The turkey was cooked to perfection.  The sweet potato casserole was again a hit.  The roasted potatoes were toasty and brown.  Even the gravy was creamy and flavorful.  To top it all off, my apple pie was both pretty and tasty, and Kate's pumpkin crisp was enjoyed by all.  The only picture I took was of my pie, because I FINALLY got to use the pie bird my mom got me last year.

When everyone was gone and the last of the dishes were cleaned up (around 8pm), I finally sat on the couch and promptly was out for the count!


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