4 month appointment

I can't believe Graham is 4 months already!!  Now I understand when people say they wish they wouldn't grow up so fast.  I love this stage that he's in.  He's really wiggly (which is a bit challenging since he's so heavy and doesn't have total control over his movements), he's quite vocal and he's very smiley.  I love him so much it's ridiculous.

Today he had his appointment (with shots and all).  He did quite well and was smiling at the doctor and nurses.  He weighs 19 lbs 4 oz and is still off the top of the charts for weight.  He's almost 26 inches long and his head is 44 cm (both in the 75th percentile).  He was NOT a fan of the vaccine that he had to drink; the nurses said most babies like it because it's sweet, but he did not like it at all.  He definitely screamed when he got his shots, but I kept it together and was able to calm him quickly.  He fell asleep immediately in the car and has been sleeping ever since (almost 2 hours).

I have the cutest baby in the world.  Here's proof:

Here's a funny photo from yesterday.  Cooper has generally been disinterested in Graham; he usually only goes over to him if Jeff and I are on the floor, too.  So yesterday I set Graham on his mat.  Cooper was in the kitchen.  I went downstairs to change over the laundry for like 3 minutes and when I came back up, here's what I saw:
Then they both decided they needed to roll around:


  1. I just can't believe how BIG he is. He's so handsome too! You're doing a fantastic job and I'm so enjoying watching him grow and change.


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