Yes, we still have a dog

With all of these posts about Graham, you may be wondering, where is Cooper?  He's still with us.  He's a little pathetic these days since he's not getting all of the attention, but he's been a very good boy with Graham.  Here are my dudes, just chillin' on the floor:

This was hilarious.  Jeff almost NEVER takes naps, but the other weekend he was pretty exhausted.  I wish I had gotten photos of the whole event of Coop getting up with Jeff; here's how it went down: Cooper had been on the floor napping and then decided to get back on his spot on the couch.  He was a little annoyed that Jeff's legs were on his side of the couch. He sat there for a minute watching Jeff to see if he'd move his legs.  When it became apparent that Jeff wasn't moving, Coop decided to just climb on up on top of Jeff's legs and then snuggle on down behind Jeff's knees (at this point Jeff woke up and had to move his legs a little to make room for this silly hound).


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