It's been one year....

...since I found out I was pregnant!  On the morning of Ribfest 2010, I decided to take a pregnancy test as I had been feeling funny the last couple of days, and knew we had a weekend of drinking planned.  I wanted to consume my beer with a clear conscience.  Lo and behold, there would be no drinking that weekend as I finally got a little plus sign on the pregnancy test!  We were overjoyed!!!  I think it's funny that Ribfest will now always go hand in hand with celebrating our son.

But of course we had to go eat some BBQ again this year.  It was kind of yucky and rainy, but we got there early enough to snag a table.  Graham was such a good boy and let Jeff and I eat our delicious smoked/grilled meat.  Eric met us for Ribs and for a trip to Bells after.  Kate and Paul met us at Bell's and were amazed by how big Graham was (they saw him when he was only 3 weeks old).

Of course we have pictures to document the occasion:

When we got home, Graham and I played on the quilt for a while.  (Yes, these photos are from the same day as Ribfest and yes, he's wearing a different shirt.  No, he didn't get BBQ on his clothes.  Yes, we're having a multi-ensemble kind of weekend).


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