Baby Shower gift buying guide

I recently had a friend ask me what things I would have wanted at my baby shower that I might not have put on my registry.  She has several women to buy gifts for, and generally likes to get something not on the registry.

I really had to think about that question and I'm still not entirely sure I know the answer.  There are some things that I might not have loved at the shower, but in retrospect do appreciate.  Like books.  I mean, I wanted books but didn't think them necessities early on.  But once the babies start noticing books (for Graham it was about 4 months), it's great to have a selection (of mostly board books) on hand.

My other suggestions included diapers (size 1 or 2) and clothes that aren't newborn.

Beyond that, I feel like I put most of what I wanted/needed on the registry.  Does anyone else have any other suggestions for her?


  1. Hmmm... well, in addition to books, which are always a favorite in my book, here are some things that I have used and appreciated that weren't on my registry:
    -- travel diaper clutch/changer combo. We got this from my sister-in-law when Nathan was born and it's awesome! It pretty much goes everywhere with us and can be a great stand-in for a diaper bag. They have some mass-produced ones now (which weren't really around 3 years ago) but I love these ones from an Etsy seller:

    --One of the things you'll spend a lot of time doing if your baby will be in daycare is labeling bottles and food. I love these little bottle "bracelets" from inchbug. I didn't buy them until after Natalie was born and we knew her name, so maybe this is more of a "welcome baby" gift than a shower gift.

    --The Moby wrap! This is an awesome carrier for newborns. I found that once my kids got bigger I switched to the Ergo, even though the Moby can technically be used into toddlerhood. The Moby is really affordable (so it makes a great shower gift) and is kind of like swaddling the baby up against mom or dad, which makes newborns so happy and allows the parent to have two hands free or know that if they doze off the baby will stay securely attached! I also love my Ergo--LOVE it and would recommend that as a great gift although it's pricier.

    --Buying clothes for larger sizes is a great idea. They aren't as much fun or as freaking adorable as the newborn clothes, but they will be MUCH appreciated!!

    --I have also enjoyed getting luxury versions of a necessity that I couldn't justify buying for myself, like these super cute, super soft burp cloths from Baby JaR

    --So my absolute favorite shower gift of all time was from my friend Lindsey. She showed up at my house with a cooler full of frozen meals and stocked my freezer! I didn't have to do any pre-baby cooking in my late pregnancy with Nathan and it was so totally awesome!

    Wow, this comment got really long... sorry! :)

  2. I'll be going to a friend's baby shower in a few weeks and I followed this saying: Something you want, something you need, something to wear, something to read.

    So for
    Something you want: something small from her registry.
    something you need: a pack of size 1 diapers.
    something to wear: a 6mo outfit.
    something to read: cute book with a personal note on the inside cover.


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