Weaning, part 2

We're officially weaning, which has resulted in a blocked milk duct.  This is the second time I've had a bad blocked duct and it hurts!  What is hard about this time is that I can't pump frequently because I don't want to increase my supply.  After alternating heat and cold packs last night and for most the morning, coupled with massaging the afflicted area (which really hurts), it finally seems to have dislodged, but it's still pretty tender.  Ugh.

Just when I had myself convinced that I was ok with this whole weaning thing, I was talking to the nurse on-call this morning about my blocked duct and she told me I did a great job getting through a year of breastfeeding and that I should be really proud of the good I was doing for my baby.  Of course this is what brought the tears (as I was walking across campus with two very sweet coworkers).  Mentally, I'm ready for this to end.  But its harder than I was expecting emotionally.

So tonight I rocked Graham to sleep because I needed that cuddle time with my baby.


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