Dinners: week of March 1

We close on our new house in one week. I can't wait. The last few days have been nothing but challenges and additional costs and I'm just getting frustrated by the whole process I've been so focused on this ridiculous process and busyness at work that I almost forgot my own birthday last week. I eventually remembered it and I decided I did NOT want to cook on my birthday. Despite the fact that we have no expendable income this coming month, we ordered a pizza for my birthday.

This weekend I'm trying to be frugal at the store, though I suspect it will cost more than I'd like because we'll be buying dog food. And I have tasked Jeff with creating meals for the week. He's only partially right that I am a control freak and am resistant to his "meal" plans. That's because when I ask him why we should have, these are his suggestions: chicken, chicken sausage, pork, turkey burger. Notice all he has suggested is meat. Just meat. That's it. While I am trying to simplify, this is a little too simple and basic for my liking. And while I certainly make many of the same meals, a little variety is a good thing. I try to make something special on the weekends.

So I think we've got a hybrid week of meals, with both mine and Jeff's suggestions.
I'm making a few edits:
  • Chicken, sweet potatoes and broccoli  salad
  • Chicken and broccoli stir fry
  • BBQ pork sandwiches (freezer meal) with salad roasted broccoli
  • Loaded baked sweet potatoes Roast Veggie and Black Bean Burritos
  • Pasta with spinach and tomato sauce
  • Chicken sausages with salad


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