Pre-moving Dinners

Have I filled you all in on the moving updates?

Well, I spent many a week STRESSING about the impending refinance and new mortgage closings.  I do not like last minute, lack of communication, disorganization and misinformation.  It sends me into a tizzy and I own that.  So I didn't handle the weeks leading up the closing very well.  But it meant that the day of the closing (which was ALMOST postponed) went remarkably well!  Lots and lots of papers were signed in the course of an hour and a half.  The excitement/stress of the day coupled with glorious March sunshine and vacation time enabled me to go on a 5.3 mile run prior to closing.  Yes - OVER 5 miles!  Longest post-Graham run!!!  And it was fast: just under a 10 minute mile pace the whole time.

I digress.  We signed a buttload of papers on March 8 and then walked away the proud owners of 2 homes (What?  We own 2 homes?  That is CRAZY!  Well, we are SUPER LUCKY thanks to our spending savvy, Jeff's very generous family, and low low interest rates).  Truth be told, it felt a little anti-climactic.  We still haven't moved, and frankly, not much in our life has changed other than we're not as stressed out because all papers are signed.  We met the current owners of our new home, who were very nice people.  They gave us the lowdown on a few things about their house and community, we exchanged phone numbers and agreed that we could do the key exchange on or before April 1 (they're moving into their new place on March 23).

So - here's where we stand:
--Packing next week/weekend
--Getting keys hopefully next weekend or Monday the 1st
--Mom and I head to Chicago for my work and her spring break that SAME DAY
--Jeff and Graham live in near-empty condo (most things will be packed and staged in the garage)
--I get home Thursday with stuff from Ikea (which I can hopefully take straight to the new house)
--Jeff does some light moving on April 5 while waiting for our NEW BED!!! to be delivered
--We get a U-Haul and move on April 6
--I work Sunday April 7 and 8 (one of our big programs)
--We both take vacation April 9 to unpack
--I go to conferences in Lansing April 11-12
--We celebrate Graham's second birthday (big boy!) on April 13 in our new home

Meanwhile, our realtor is finding us a renter for the condo. Just got an email tonight that they have had several inquiries and want to do an open house on Friday evening.  Graham and I may head to McDonald's for dinner and playing in the Playplace (first time ever with this time honored American tradition).

So what does this have to do with dinners?  Well - with all the hubbub (I neglected to mention that Jeff and I were gone a few days last week and Jeff is leaving for a few nights this week) related to the upcoming move, our goal is to eat what we have.  Sure, we'll buy a little produce, but no meat or canned goods purchases from here on out.  It's all about using leftovers and being creative! Case in point:

--While babysitting for Graham, the in-laws bought us corned beef and cabbage (Jeff's favorite and his b-day falls right before St. Patty's day).  I cooked it up along with mashed potatoes.  Froze the leftover corned beef for Jeff to eat while I'm gone that first week of April.  Used the leftover mashed potatoes to make potato pancakes which I served with chicken sausage and salad the next night.  I even have enough I might make hashbrowns and eggs for myself tomorrow night!


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