Graham: 23 months

I think I'm behind in posting Graham pictures and updates. Here's what he's up to these days:

  • Repeating almost EVERYTHING!  It's not always articulate, but he's definitely making the attempt.  He even imitates pitch and tone.    
  • Speaking in 2 and 3 word phrases: yight (light) on, yight off.  Mama seat, dadden seat, mahm (Graham) seat. Doop mo (Cooper in the snow).  Wehwo (yellow) duck (truck). Mahm (Graham) bu (blue) doat (coat).
  • Jumping with both feet off the ground.
  • Building with blocks.
  • Playing with the iPad and iPhone. A lot.  He especially like puzzle games where he has to drag a shape to a space.
  • Walking.  Running. And generally being silly.  Running video from January.  
  • Clinging to mama.
  • Snuggling.
  • "Reading" books.
  • Being a little OCD; he likes things the way he likes them.  And he has little routines that heaven forbid we forget.  Video of Graham being orderly from January.
  • Kicking the ball (with some degree of control). Playing ball with daddy, like in this video from February.  
I continue to work hard to not lose my cool when he's being difficult; I'm not always successful, but in general we're all much happier.  He's starting to respond to some of the positive discipline techniques I've been reading about, but he still does not like it when we tell him no he can't do something (but come one, who likes being told no?)  And we're weening him off of milk a little bit - he drinks SO MUCH!  It's a challenge, but as long as we stay upbeat and distract him with something really cool, he does ok.


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