Anxiety Dreams

I have nothing to be anxious about really, and yet I was having my classic anxiety dream this morning.  My anxiety dreams manifest themselves in 1 of 3 ways (or sometimes all 3):
  • I can't find something I need and I'm late
  • I can't finish something I need to do and I'm late
  • I can't move (or I walk like I'm walking in water) and I'm late
And so I was cranky this morning, which meant I yelled at Graham when he was crying because I put the ice ring away that he asked me to put away.

I still have this feeling of anxiety coupled with feeling guilty because I've found myself getting irritable again with Graham.  And so I've consulted my little book.

Pearl 480
Head-to-knee Pose Janu Sirsasana To nourish your mind, sit on the floor, left leg straight and right leg bent, knee point out, heel to groin.  Exhaling, fold over your left leg and reach to your feet for 2-3 minutes.  Repeat on the other side, then relax.   


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