10 weeks

Ok let's back up a moment.  At 9 weeks 3 days, I had my first OB appointment.  We did the whole schpiel with the nurse practitioner, then proceeded to wait for like 30 minutes in the exam room for the OB - one who wasn't part of the practice in my first go around.  As an interesting aside, I had my first OB appointment for Graham at this exact same point in my pregnancy.  At neither appointment did we hear the heartbeat (which is not unusual - typically the heart beat becomes audible on the doppler after 11 weeks).  The pelvic exam revealed a slightly large uterus, which prompted the OB to schedule an ultrasound for this week.  The good news being that too big surely means I'm pregnant, right?

Which brings us to today.  At 10 weeks 1 day I'm going in for an ultrasound.  I woke up cranky and nervous, after having dreams about being kept waiting for HOURS in a doctor's office with a toddler and a newborn and no food.  And then Graham woke up cranky, which made me more cranky.

This first trimester has been relatively very easy.  I haven't puked.  I don't really have food aversions.  My limited nausea has been very manageable.  But I'm tired.  And super cranky.  With Graham, I felt like the first trimester dragged on because I was just over the moon excited/nervous about making it through the first trimester and finally hearing his heartbeat.  This first trimester has dragged on because I found out about the pregnancy earlier than last time, and I've felt this extreme fatigue since the very beginning.  I just feel over it.  And I want to hear the heartbeat. :)

Got to the ultrasound appointment and the tech said she was going to check for accurate dating and for multiples.  MULTIPLES?!?!?!?!  I entered this sort of manic panicked state at the thought of having multiples.  Thank goodness the OB never mentioned that to me or else I would have been in an anxiety ridden state for 5 days.

Then the ultrasound.  PHEW!!!  ONE baby.  One bouncy little baby, with a big head and tiny arms and legs and a beating heart.  Pretty awesome.  The baby was measuring a tad small, which means conception likely happened a few days later than predicted (which is totally likely), so my new due date is October 25.


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