17 weeks

Another pregnancy update.  At 17 weeks, I continue to weigh about 5 lbs less than my first pregnancy, and the belly is measuring about .5" bigger.  I just feel like the belly is more pronounced than with Graham, although these photos do not corroborate that feeling.  I think I took these photos on a light day; I don't look very big.  Believe me when I say I look bigger in person (and it's not just me saying that - Jeff can confirm).  Also, I had to switch to maternity pants much earlier with this pregnancy!  That being said, I still had a fair number of bigger pants back in 2010/11.  Once I lost the pregnancy weight and then some after Graham, I finally bought smaller pants that fit.  Maybe that's why at 10 weeks, I was super uncomfortable.

17 weeks - pregnancy 1

17 weeks - pregnancy 2

The following aren't great belly shots, but I love that Graham is in them.


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