Since he was 3 months old, Graham has had a best friend.  Seriously, these two are inseparable!  Graham and Caden do everything together at school and talk about each other all the time when they are not at school.  There's a larger group that includes Kayleigh, Isla, and Colton, but Graham and Caden are thick as thieves.  It's taken us 3 years, but thanks to Caden's mom inviting us over for Caden's birthday, I think we've now all decided that it's fun for everyone to have regular playdates.  They came over yesterday and the boys had a blast.  The grownups enjoyed getting to know one another beyond just being Graham's mom and Caden's dad.  The boys had so much fun playing with the "new" toys at their friend's house.

Here are a few photos from Caden's house:

Kayleigh, Graham, and Caden, patiently waiting for cake.  Do you think they'd look at the camera at the same time?!

Because the adults were having such good conversations at our hose, we just let the boys play.  I did get a couple pictures at snack time.


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