Winter in Review (aka. Polar Vortex 2014)

I've been a bad blogger, I know. I'm going to attempt in this post to give you all a little catching up mostly in photos (and mostly in photos of my kid).

I live in Michigan and it was COLD this winter.  Really cold.  But we made it outside a few times.

At 2 years and 8 months, Graham had a BLAST at Christmas, and was as usual, totally spoiled by his doting grandparents.

Aunt Erin (Jeff's sister) came from New York for Christmas and Uncle Nate (my brother) came from Oregon to visit in January.

We tried to take some family photos with Nate and would you believe this is the best one?

And then I stopped taking pictures.  Well - I took a lot on my phone.  But it was a cold and dark January.  Then I was pregnant and tired. Suddenly it was April and it was still kinda cold, but not so dark, and my little boy turned 3!

We celebrated Easter and Graham loved the eggs filled (or partially filled) with M&M's.

Which brings us until now, May.  It's STILL cold (although to be fair, we've had a handful of warm days), I have a large pregnant belly (that's another post), we're in the process of selling our condo, and our smart little boy continues to learn new things every day.  We're looking forward to planting some herbs and flowers if it ever becomes a real spring and to spending more time outside.


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