Running and prenatal vitamins

Remember this post?

I'm realizing I don't think I ever blogged about what happened in the years following this "diagnosis." I stopped running and started doing a lot of yoga. I love yoga. But the happiness I get after doing yoga is a different sort of happiness I get after running (honestly I'm not always happy after running but that's another story altogether). Anyway - my point is that I was getting antsy after being told to stop running. So I started running again. But it was hard because I had to make sure my digestive system had just been emptied before running which meant some days I couldn't run because I couldn't go. Around this time Graham decided to stop breastfeeding which meant I stopped taking prenatal vitamins. And gradually my runs became easier and my digestive problems largely vanished. I started running in the early mornings about 3x a week, running between 3 and 5 miles each time. And my pace got faster; I was running around 9:30 min mile which is a good clip for me (I'm ok that I will never be a competitive runner).  I'm also at this point doing yoga 2-3x a week and I'm in the best shape of my life.

Fall 2013 comes around and we decide Graham needs a sibling; back I go on the prenatal vitamins and immediately I'm plagued with the digestion issues that have a very negative effect on my running. AH HA! It all makes sense. The extreme constipation caused by the prenatal vitamins is totally messing with my game. Come to find out, there exists a vitamin with built in stool softener; why isn't this always prescribed?! Such a difference; I was able to continue to run again and did so for several months...until I felt like vomit because I was pregnant with Emmett.

I started jogging again in my second trimester and switched to power walking in my third trimester until the last few weeks when my sacroiliac joint was just in too much pain.

Here I am at 10 weeks postpartum. I'm doing 30 minutes of yoga most days, but can only get out to run about once a week, if I'm lucky, because I have no childcare. And anyone who has nursed a baby knows that mornings are the worst because you are tired and your boobs are huge and sore. Oh yeah, it's Michigan and winter and my neighborhood isn't the safest terrain in the winter for solo runs. And I really miss running!!! I'm hopeful that upon my return to work, I can use the treadmill at the fitness center at lunch.


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