Grocery bill and buying in bulk

There's a lot of talk about how eating healthy costs more than eating less healthy foods. And sure in a side by side comparision, say, comparing a pound of fatty ground beef to lean ground turkey, yes the healthier option is more expensive. But healthy food fills you up and therefore lasts longer.  

I found this article ( ) about the amount per week that people spend on groceries. I hit that amount each week, which usually includes non-food items. Here I was worried that I was spending an inordinate amount on groceries this week! But I do literally all of the cost savings things mentioned in the article:
-meal planning
-using 1 ingredient in several meals
-planning leftovers nights
-taking leftovers to work

Meat is definitely the most expensive part of my grocery bill, next to organic milk and almond milk. So here's a tip that addresses both money savings and meal prep:

Buy bulk meat which costs less per pound. Costco has great prices on meat!

Then take 20 minutes to portion your meat in serving sizes. When it comes to ground turkey, I like to make up turkey burgers and freeze in packs of 2!


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